Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Foreign Music

Music: Former Treyway Rapper Says Tekashi69 ‘S Crew Did Him Wrong!


You may not have heard of the name , but he was all the way down with and the guys at Treyway very early in! We even interviewed the guy last year! He’s a solid dude from California. He’s got all the standard things you need, gang affiliated, got shot and can rap. Anyway, it looks like the gig is UP! He says that, without reason, all of his music was taken off ALL streaming services.


He has also been waiting for quite some time as Tekashi has crashed and burned. At the end of the day homie cannot make money if everybody is in jail. On top of that, he claims that he was straight BLOCKED by Shotti on instagram! But, how is Shotti on the ‘Gram from jail? He must have some serious juice in the bing. I wouldn’t go against him!


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